Machinable Materials

We are capable of machining a wide array of materials including Aluminium alloys, steels including Titanium and even types of machinable plastics.

Machining Centers

Here is a list of the machines we Currently have



Acme Industries uses the latest software to help ensure the fastest production times. We are capable of viewing customer models on the latest version of Dassault systems Catia. Our workstations also have a complete CAD/CAM/CAI system including the latest version of Mastercam and PCMIS. JobBOSS Shop Management Software is also used to ensure parts are managed efficiently.


Climate Controlled Quality Department AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ITAR Registered

Inspection equipment list


Our Assembly Department is fully equipped to handle various assembly ops including Riveting, Sealing, Press fitting and much more


We are equipped with two US Air Tool rivet guns one bench-top and one hand-held allowing us to handle a variety of riveting tasks. Our hand held model has a throat depth of 1-1/2" and the Bench-top model has a reach of 10" and a gap of 3-1/2".


Many Aerospace part require some form of sealant to protect components from corrosion. Shown below is a example of a filet seal around bushings that were recently installed. after the sealant cures a coat of primer and paint is applied to complete the part.

Threaded Inserts

Helicoils, Pemnuts and key inserts are just a few of the types of threaded inserts Acme has the capabilities of installing